For quick and easy cleaning jobs, use the best wet dry vac on the market

For those places that you have to keep neat permanently, it is more practical to use a tool that is easy to load and is not complicated. The best wet dry vac is a perfect solution for this type of work at home, but sometimes they are very heavy and difficult to move. Thinking about your comfort, we present the vacuum cleaner of the best shop vac. This is the dry and wet Black + Decker vacuum, which is the highest quality and most economical portable model on the market.

Becoming the best wet dry vacuum manual that can be acquired, it has the function of dust extraction and also absorbs spilled liquids. It has the ability to be very light and quite cheap, which can serve for simple work at home.

The battery that has 4.8V provides 12 minutes of operation, so it is not recommended for long days of cleaning. It comes equipped with several filters; the waste container is washable and very easy to empty, for its dimensions of 42.01 x 11.99 x 13 cm. It is the wet dry vacuum with better conditions to handle. It also has another advantage, since it is wireless and does not need a power outlet to operate.

It has a capacity to suck liquids of 0.175 liters, so it is not very broad. Its weight is 1.4 kg., which makes it easy to move and manipulate. It has a transparent container, to see when it is full and proceed to empty it.

With the Black + Decker vacuum dry and wet, you can get a quick and complete cleaning of any liquid or small area. The system of washable and interchangeable filters allows that whenever they are used they are always like new.

By its design, it can be placed on a base on the wall to have it at hand, when needed. It has a wide hole in the embouchure, which makes the collection of any material is done in a short time. Its price is 38.00 pounds, being the most economical.
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