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Today many people go to the Internet to find simple answers to our questions, due to this many people also help us find quick solutions and easily only with an Internet connection. One of the most popular applications on the web is YouTube, for the infinite amount of videos with endless information of all kinds, uploaded by a person that we currently call Youtuber. Natalies Outlet is on this platform is one of the most popular Youtubers that makes us laugh making jokes.

Natalies Outlet is a 23-year-old girl who lives in the city of Illinois in the United States of America, her origin is Colombian-American, her original name is Natalie Alzate and she decided to join YouTube on August 13, 2014, when He posted a video called Outfit of the day. This video got many visits almost immediately. Natalies Outlet makes fun publications; most have to do with outfit content, fashion blog, makeup, and lifestyle. This girl has two channels on youtube with which currently exceed five million followers.
In 2015 she joined youtube & entrepreneur Michelle Phan called Icon Network and whose publications are about beauty and fitness.
Natalies Outlet now shares with her boyfriend this experience for all his followers, called the station El Dennis & Natalie Show, when he premiered this new channel, attracted around 300,000 followers and now has about 362,000. This couple, although they have been dating for more than 6 years together, it was not until the year 2017 when they decided to commit themselves and announced that they will soon be married. Natalie with her boyfriend keeps their followers very entertaining making funny jokes, videos, movies and much more.
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